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Star and Shadow


A Sourcebook for The Sarcosans, the proud Horsemen and sages in the world of Midnight.The award-winning world of Midnight looks south this new setting supplement about the horselords and conquerers known as the Sarcosans. Midnight is an original d20 setting that pits the players against overwhelming forces of evil in a desperate fight for survival and freedom. The dark lord, Izrador, has conquered every human city on the face of Eredane, but the last to fall were those of the Sarcosans, masters of Southern Erenland. While some among them turned traitor and gave in to the Shadow, many fought and died valiantly in defense of their homeland. Now the survivors struggle with blade and with lore. Izrador may have captured the cities and outlawed literacy, but the Sarcosan freeriders still control the vast plains of the south and their cherished sages still pore over the lore of old to find signs of their enemy's weaknesses. In a war where hope is all but vanquished and the future is uncertain, you have only two options: to fight for the hope foretold by the stars, or to give in to the Shadow that lies between them.Like all Midnight supplements, Stars & Shadow is compatible with both Midnight 1st Edition and Midnight 2nd Edition.* Dozens of organizations, NPCs, and location descriptions for the city of Baden's Bluff.* Maps, adventure hooks, and local rumors to incorporate into any Midnight campaign. * New feats, prestige classes, charms, and equipment for eluding the hunters of the dark lord and fighting the tyrants of the shadow using more subtle, but no less heroic, methods. Dragon Trove ID 3642

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
Manufacturer SKU: MN13
Dragons Trove ID: 3642
Type: Module
Condition: New
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