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10 Million Ways to Die

Stop bruising your foes to death! Now you can add Rolemaster style combat to any RPG game or setting with 10 Million Ways to Die.Why switch? Well how about doing some real damage for change? Our critical hit system takes RPG combat to new levels of excitement.If you hack at someone with a broad sword, you might get this result (91 'E' Slash): Chop the top of foe's thigh...sever foe's leg...foe drops immediately and dies in 6 rounds due to shock and blood loss.If you hit an enemy with an arrow, you might get this result (31 'C' Puncture): Strike crosses foe's head...if he has a helm, it's knocked off and dented.Get the picture? Kiss the humdrum combat by the numbers goodbye.How does it work? Combat is resolved with a simple one or two-step process. It's that easy. Plus our conversion rules make it easy to add this book into your existing RPG game and setting. From long swords to blasters, 10 Million Ways to Die has you covered!
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 5705
Dragons Trove ID: 6916
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781558063747
Condition: Near Mint
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