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Hand of Shadow


Embrace the darkness of Midnight with this player supplement for the award-winning campaignworld. Midnight is an original d20 setting in which the players are usually desperate freedom fighters waging war against overwhelming forces of evil. Hand of Shadow at last gives players the power to become that which they have hated and feared for so long . . . minions of the dark god!Whether they play devoted priests, barbaric orcs, corrupted channelers, or clever collaborators, this book allows players to turn the usual Midnight campaign on its head "“and explore whether even the most evil of foes have a chance at redemption.* New backgrounds, racial rules, and roleplaying suggestions for evil PCs.* Prestige classes, feats, and equipment that are only available to servants of the Shadow.* Plot hooks and campaign progressions designed specifically for evil parties in Midnight;will the characters follow the path of evil, turn toward redemption, or choose their ownway between the two? Dragon Trove ID 3647

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
Manufacturer SKU: MN16
Dragons Trove ID: 3647
Type: Module
Condition: New
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