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Dungeon Magazine #134


Home Under the RangeBy Michael KortesThe dwarves have a problem a tiefling-related problem. The tieflings raid under the shield of magical darkness, but if the PCs can supply the dwarves with giant scarab beetles capable of generating potent bursts of magical light, they might just survive. Unfortunately, they'll need to escort the herd of giant beetles through the Underdark first! A D&D adventure for 3rd-level characters. And Madness FollowedBy Matthew HopeSomething vile has transformed a sleepy rural village the locals have become monsters, and the only survivors are insane. Can the PCs unravel the mystery before a troupe of insane bards plunge the heart of an unsuspecting city into the Far Realm? A D&D adventure for 9th-level characters. Into the Wormcrawl FissureBy James JacobsDragotha's phylactery has been destroyed or captured, yet the undead dragon still exists. If the PCs are to avert the age of worms, they must invade the heartland of Kyuss' power, the Wormcrawl Fissure, and destroy one of the world's most powerful dracoliches before the Wormgod awakens. An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 19th-level characters. 

Manufacturer: Paizo Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: DUN134
Dragons Trove ID: 8498
Type: Magazine
ISBN/UPC: 074808018253
Condition: Near Mint
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