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Dungeon Magazine #132


Wingclipper's Revengeby Christopher WisselDanger lurks in the woodland surrounding the village of Turvin. Strange lights and sounds emerge from deep in the forest, and now villagers have started to disappear. Some evil force is turning nature against mankind, and it's up to the PCs to put a stop to it. A D&D adventure for 4th-level PCs. Caverns of the Ooze Lordby Campbell PentneySomething's not right with the hamlet of Verdinica. The locals are quiet and withdrawn, and seem strangely nervous about answering questions to outsiders. Why do they wear such thick clothing, even though the summer is so hot and muggy? And what sort of "prisoner"� could make the strange, sloshing noises that are heard some nights coming from the gaol? A D&D adventure for 8th-level characters. The Library of Last Resortby Nicolas LogueTilagos Island does not appear on most maps of the Nyr Dyv, yet the storm-shrouded island hides the greatest repository of knowledge of an ancient cabal of druids who defeated Kyuss 1,500 years ago. The PCs must brave the mysterious island and locate this repository, itself a last resort against the Wormgod's Return. An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 16th-level characters

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