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Ye Booke of Tentacles Volume 2


Anthology dedciated to Chaosium material. Published as a fund-raiser book for Tentacles reanimated, a convention for RuneQuest and related games held in Bacharach, Germany in 1999.

  • Revised Shaman Rules
  • Spirit Cult Rules
  • Watcher Spirits and Brownies
  • Extraordinary Magic
  • Deities and Major Spirits of the Grazers
  • The Great Temple of Rufdayen, Raibanth
  • Amad Folktales
  • The Nautiloids of Glorantha
  • The Hunting of Tar'Shyr
  • The Great Sgae and the Emperors
  • The Wolf Pirates
  • The First Unity of Telmor and Yrr
  • Holiday Glorantha: The Men with the Golden Gun
  • How Elmal married Orlanth's Daughter
  • The Culbrea tribe
  • Antirius at the Hil of Gold
  • Soravatoor
  • Mother Power
  • Lore Auction 1998
Call of Cthulhu
  • Tuchulcha
  • Evil Things the Keeper can do to Players using Magic
  • Dark Destiny
  • Bast and the Children of the Sphinx
  • The Duergar
Eternal Champion
  • The Eternal Kitchen Sink
  • The Legacy of Ranyart Finn
  • Significant Trees
  • The Reluctant Bride
Miscellaneous Funny Things
  • Final Fun and Last Words
  • Glorantha's Worst Books
Manufacturer: Issaries Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: YBOT2
Dragons Trove ID: 5366
Type: Magazine
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Some light dirtiness to back cover.

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