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Wild West Weapon Data Supplement


Now the Phoenix Command Small Arms Combat System lets you ride with the soldiers and gunslingers of the American Frontier. This supplement features 48 of the most popular and memorable weapons of the West, as well as special rules for the classic shootouts of legend. Included are:

- Pistols, from the Derringer to the Colt Peacemaker
- Muskets, from the Charleville to the Springfield 1863
- Breechloading Rifles, from the Sharps Carbine to the Springfield 1873
- Lever Action Rifles, from the Henry Repeater to the Winchester 1873
- Other Weapons, including the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the Gatling Gun

Also included are sections on Quick Drawing, Fanning Revolvers, Speed Loading, and rules for Firing From (and Firing At) Horses, as well as an overview of weapons development through the nineteenth century.

Fully illustrated, this supplement allows Phoenix Command players to include the Napoleonic Era, the Civil War, and the days of the American Frontier in their gaming.

Manufacturer: Leading Edge Games
Manufacturer SKU: 10207
Dragons Trove ID: 11766
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0945571275
Condition: Near Mint
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