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White Wolf Magazine #23


The promised reaction to the recent Reader Survey, including another very interesting figure.

From the Pack
OUR new letter column continues

Giving the Devil his Due
The creators of the Ars Magica FRPG help those of you who can't do without these evil creatures in your campaigns

Shadowrun Novice Archetypes
The archetypes in the SR rules are already advanced in skill. Here's your chance to build from Day One. Also, it's pronounced arketype.

The Key and the Gate
A Call of Cthulhu adventure for investigators capable of piecing clues together (and surviving a few strange encounters!)

Drought at Dirty Ernies
An adventure for the new AGE of RUIN by one of the game's designers. The chases at the end are right out of Mad Max.
Tabletop News

You know Ken can review miniatures, now see how well he photographs them. Plus, A Brush with Destiny continues.
PBM Corner

The programmer for RSI Hyborian War PBM game explains how he translated the work of Robert Howard into a PBM format.

PBM Game Review
Dale reviews Eckert Gaming Oroup's Death and Sorrow PBM game. Welcome back, Dale.

Reign Storm
An interesting encounter for any characters in any fantasy game. Be ready to use your wits, because fighting these opponents will win you little.

Feature Review
Lisa gives her Impression of the new Battletech Center in Chicago. FASA Corp has heralded a new era in Computer gaming.

Capsule Reviews
Our longest review section to date. We look at over a dozen new game products.

Silicon Dungeon
Jan changes pace a bit this issue and gives several suggestions on how to use your Computer as a GMing assistant. Game reviews continue next issue.

On the Horizon
If you liked this issue, then just wait 'til you see what we have planned for next time. WHTTE WOLF Magazine just keeps getting better.

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