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White Wolf Magazine #14

Table of contents:
  • Runes by Stewart Wieck
  • Letters
  • Devil on the Moon [Short adventure for Enforcers RPG] by Stewart Wieck
  • Automated Champions [How to run mechanical heroes in Champions] by John Habermas
  • A New Experience [Experience point variant for V&V] by Ken Cliffe
  • Segment Jorune by SkyRealms Publishing
  • The Fate of the Grog [Ars Magica designers expand on the grog] by Lion Rampant
  • Demon Killer (part two) [Fiction] by Steve Tymon
  • The Silicon Dungeon by Jim Trunzo
  • Something's Rotting in Dankmart [Generic fantasy adventure] by Kelly Golden and Stephan Wieck
  • Items for Any Realm by Richard Thomas
  • The PBM Corner by Jim Townsend
  • Capsule Reviews by Stewart Wieck
  • Review: Cyberpunk by Stewart Wieck
  • Protecting the Shield [The shield in Rolemaster] by Sten Westgard
  • Writer's Guidelines
  • On the Horizon
Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
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Type: Magazine
Condition: Near Mint
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