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White Dwarf Magazine #77



"The Crazy File" - Silly Behaviour in Mega-City One - Pete Tamlyn

"Spellbound!" - Overview of magic in Superhero games - Phil masters

"The Final Frontier" - Discover the Star Trek RPG - Alex Stewart

"A Secret Wish" - An adventure for MERP and D&D - Graham Staplehurst

"A Cast of Thousands" - Fleshing out NPCs in RPGs - Graeme Davis

"The Cars That Ate Sanity" - 1920s Car Chases in Call of Cthulhu - Marcus L Rowland


"Open Box"
Your guide to what's new in the shops
"DC Heroes" RPG reviewed by Marcus L Rowland
"Stealer of Souls" reviewed by Phil Frances
"The Daleks and The Master" reviewed by Barry Bailey
"The Sea Elves" reviewed by Phil Frances
"Alone Against the Dark" reviewed by Phil Frances
"The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues" reviewed by Marcus L Rowland

"Critical Mass" edited by David Langford
"Starting Points" - Science fiction and fantasy books reviewed

2020 Vision by Colin Greenland
Your guide to the latest genre movies.
"White, Frothy and Malevolent" - The Jewel of the Nile, Crimewave, The Stuff, Young Sherlock Holmes, Biggles, Clan of the Cave Bear and Enemy Mine.

"The Travellers" comic strip by Mark Harrison
Another wacky travelogue

Letters edited by Ian Marsh
Noisome missives from our readers

"Thrud the Barbarian" by Carl Critchlow
An all-American Superhero?

Treasure Chest - regular department for readers' AD&D ideas
"Gaming for Heroine Addicts" by Chris Felton
No sexism please, we're British

Tabletop Heroes - figure reviews and painting tips by Joe Dever
"Double Exposure" - Simple photographic techniques

"Gobbledigook" by Bil
Enters a new dimension

Fracas! by Supermole
Latest gossip and hobby news

Small Ads
Let your eyeballs do the walking...

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