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White Dwarf Magazine #76



"How to Make Crime Pay" - Sage advice for tea-leaves in AD&D - Jon Smithers

"Your Booked!" - Budgeting and Accountancy for the Judge Dread RPG - Marcus L Rowland

"Glen Woe" - Richard Haliwell
Thrilling Shakespearean mayhem for Warhammer

"Banditry, Inc" - Oliver Legrand
Thieves' Guilds in AD&D

"Caped Crusaders" - How to run a Golden Heroes campaign - Pete Tamlyn

"Castle In the Wind" - An AD&D scenario with an Arabian Nights flavour for 5th - 8th levels - Venetia Lee with Paul Stamforth


"Open Box"
Your guide to what's new in the shops
"Riddle of the Ring" boardgame reviewed by Charles Vasey
"Alone Against the Wendigo" reviewed by Phil Frances
"Erech and The Paths of the Dead" reviewed by Graham Staplehurst
"Send in the Clones" reviewed by Marcus L Rowland
"Lankhmar - City of Adventure" reviewed by Graeme Davis
"The Iytean Menace & The Lords of Destiny" reviewed by Barry Bailey
"Fantasy Hero" reviewed by Phil Masters

"Critical Mass" edited by David Langford
"O America" - Science fiction and fantasy books reviewed

Letters edited by Ian Marsh
Readers' views, questions and outraged comments!

"The Travellers" comic strip by Mark Harrison
Something completely different. And why not?

"Thrud the Barbarian" by Carl Critchlow
Thrud goes shoping.

Treasure Chest - regular department for readers' AD&D ideas
"How do you spell that?" New AD&D spells with tricky names
"Mithrall's Wonderful Gyrator" by Robert Nott
"Banish Spirit and Shadow Bane" by Briony Palmer
"Merger" by Neil Richards and Keith Adeney
"Ixtmal's Globe of Pyromanic Delight" by Phil Hine
"Destruction" by Wesley Phoa

"Gobbledigook" by Bil
Which witch is where?

Fracas! by Supermole
Yet another mystery man, with our new News column

Tabletop Heroes - figure reviews and painting tips by Joe Dever
"Oils" Part 2 - Application

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