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White Dwarf Magazine #71



"The Face of Chaos" - A view of alignments in AD&D - Peter Vialls

"Cults of the Dark Gods" - Illuminating secrets for Call of Cthulhu - Andy Bradbury

"A Box of Old Bones" - Intriguing Dragon Warriors / AD&D scenario for Levels 1-2 by Dave Morris

"Tower Trouble" - Illicit Traveller adventure by Marcus L Rowland

"Monsters Have Feelings Too Two" - A touching article for game masters on NPC motivations - Oliver MacDonald


"Critical Mass" edited by David Langford
Blockbusted! - Science fiction and fantasy book review

"Open Box"
A look at some new games by independent reviewers
"Avenger! and Assassin" Gamebooks reviewed by Chris Elliott
"Vapors Don't Shoot Back" reviewed by Marcus L Rowland
"Masks of Nyarlathotep" reviewed by Phil Frances
"Thrilling Locations" reviewed by Bob Neville

"RuneRites" edited by Dave Morris
Not Waving But Drowning" Wet adventurers beware! Runequest creatures "Fossergrims" and "The Nereid" by David Lucas

"Thrud the Barbarian" by Carl Critchlow
More muscular madness

Starbase - Traveller column edited by Bob McWilliams
"Avionics Failures" How do you blind a starship? Answer... by James Cooke

"The Travellers" by Mark Harrison
Our intrepid heroes start a new adventure "Shadows" Part 1

Letters edited by Ian Marsh
Readers' views, questions and outraged comments!

Fiend Factory edited by Ian Marsh
"Just Good Fiends" Guidelines for the creation of monstrosities by Ian Marsh including "Psychic Vampire"

Treasure Chest - regular department for readers' AD&D ideas
"Divine Guidance" Reveals the future for AD&D players
"The Card of Shukeli" by Michael Welch
"Tellstones" by J Woodward

Tabletop Heroes - figure reviews and painting tips by Joe Dever
"Think Ink" - painting hints an unusual medium

"Gobbledigook" by Bil
Gook and friends have an early knight...

Newsboard by Jon Sutherland
All that's latest in the hobby

Small Ads
Contacts, contacts, swaps and hobby services

Cover by Alan Craddock, the same art as one the first Dragon Warriors book.

Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Manufacturer SKU: WD71
Dragons Trove ID: 246
Type: Magazine
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Slight staple rust and musty smell.

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