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White Dwarf Magazine #37



AD&D and the land of Faerie - Alan E Paull

"An Introduction to Traveller"
- Part II: Refereeing Traveller - Andy Slack

- Brief notes on the ecology of the Vampire in D & D - by Marcus L Rowland

"The City in the Swamp"
A reptilian scenario for AD&D 5th-7th level - Graeme Davis

"D&D Scenarios"
Ideas for Adventures - Lew Pulsipher


Open Box
A look at some new games by independent reviewers:
-"Soloquest" reviewed by Clive Bailey
-"Star Frontiers" reviewed by Andy Slack
-"Crasimoff's World" fantasy PBM game reviewed by Trevor Graver


Fiend Factory edited by Albie Fiore
"Species Special" a mix of animal-based creatures
-"Weed-delvers" by Barney Sloane
-"Crestcat" by Graham Head
-"Javukchari" by Phil Masters
-"Antmen" by Huw Roberts

-"MagicQuest" - spells and items for Runequest edited by Oliver Dickinson
-"Farhear, Ventriloquism and Power Matrix" by Richard Case
-"Trader's Boxes" by Simon Basham

Starbase edited by Bob McWilliams
"The Striker Design Competition" results
-"Prospector Vehicle" - by Stephen Tempest

Treasure Chest (D&D ideas) edited by Jamie Thomson
"Encumbrance rules for AD&D" by Jamie Thomson

What's happening in science fiction and fantasy gaming

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Condition Note: Just a few slight spine creases and light scuffing. Price tag on cover. Some light staple rust.

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