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White Dwarf Magazine #101



Culture Shock: Games Workshop diary of recent events

Illuminations: Profile of Russ Nicholson by John Blanche

Stratagems, Ruses and Ploys: Strategies for Warhammer Fantasy Battles by Peter Haines

Critical Mass: Dave Langford devours the latest book releases...

Letters: edited by Seam Masterson

Blanchitsu: Painter's problem page by John Blanche

Thrud the Barbarian: Part 2 of Thrud the Farmer by Carl Critchlow

Trouble at the Number 1 Inn: A RuneQuest 3rd edition scenario set on Griffin Island by John Quaife

Blood Bowl: The new edition of the fantasy football classic detailed by Marc Gascoigne

Left a Bit... Right a bit... Fire!: Orc artillery for Warhammer Fantasy Battles by Nigel Stillman

The Affair of the Hidden Jewel: A Warhammer FRPG scenario set at the edge of the Empire by Lewis Page

Chapter Approved: Resources for Warhammer 40K by Jervis Johnson and Rick Priestly

Cloneday Surprise!: A Paranoia scenario used a Gamesday '87, written by Bob Avery

'Eavy Metal: Painting shields and banners by John Blanche

Blood Bowl Competition: A chance to win 2nd edition Blood Bowl

Reader Survey

Index Astares: The uniforms and history of the Badab Uprising for Warhammer 40K by Rick Priestly

Another Brick in the Wall: New rules for Warhammer Siege by Nigel Stillman

Freebooters!: Freelance Bloodbowl players by Jervis Johnson - Cards included on the back cover

Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Manufacturer SKU: WD101
Dragons Trove ID: 1644
Type: Magazine
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Heavy spine wear and creases. Minor staining to the right edge of the first few pages.

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