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Warpstone Magazine #29



Editorial (John Foody)

Reviews (Toby Pilling, Steve Moss, Dan Wray, Dark Knight of the Twisted Moon)

I Am Not an Adventurer! - Writing scenarios for groups of careers (Francois Dube)

Fragments - Brief reviews and news

The Collapsing Empire - The persecution of the Old Faith, Dwarfs and Wizards by the Drak Wald Emperors (Alfred Nunez Jr. and Anthony Ragan)

Womb of the Gods - The creation of the Gods & Other Matters (Robin Low)

Dead Man Walking - Musings on the Undead (Toby Pilling)

Ghost Stories - Ghosts in WFRP (Clive Oldfield)

Saint Olaf's Shrine - A Temple of Verena (Robin Low)

Dangerous Ingredients - Scenario (Roysten Crow)

"A System of Complex Signalling Machines" - A guide to using the sempahore system of the Empire (Alexander J. Bateman)

Beneath the Surface - Scenario (Michael Madsen)

Joust for Fun - The Great Nuln tournament (David Perry)

The Haunting of Westenseite Mine - Scenario (Toby Pilling)

Zoats - Expanded background (Robin Low)

Manufacturer: Warpstone Publishing
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Type: Magazine
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