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Warpstone Magazine #11



In-depth thoughts on the latest Warhammer products. This month: Wolf of Warhammer. Also the first of our Timewarp reviews, looking at out of print books, blows off the dust on The Restless Dead.

Warpstone Fragments:
News and Brief Reviews. The latest news from Hogshead and a look at the new British gaming magazine Visions.

The Correspondent (Tim Eccles):
Tim Eccles' regular column looks at Warhammer Battles.

A Job for Life? (John Foody):
A look at Carreers in WFRP. Also an introduction to our series on carreers.

Behind the Scenes (Alfred Nunez Jr.):
Underworld and Covert Organizations in the Old World: Spies, Assassins and Thieves.

A Rustic Soap Opera (Jacob Busby):
A Cameo set out in the real world.

Excommunicate! (Toby Pilling):
Thoughts and ideas on Excommunication.

Down in the Pit (John Foody):
The world of Pit Fighters.

The Accursed Element (Garret Lepper):
Warpstone: Its Uses and Abuses.

Noble Blood (John Foody):
A complete scenario to get players involved in betrayal, loyalty and killing.

The Passing of Time II (John Foody):
Thoughts on ageing in WFRP. Yes, an opportunity for PCs to turn into crotchety old veterans.

To Those That Have Nothing (Travis Dunn):
A Short Story featuring wannabe adventurers. They could well be PCs as they complain and worry a lot.

Manufacturer: Warpstone Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: WS11
Dragons Trove ID: 3403
Type: Magazine
ISBN/UPC: 9771465660009
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor cover wear.

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