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Warpstone Magazine #10



In depth thoughts on the latest Warhammer products. This month, Power Behind the Throne and Dogs of War.

Warpstone Fragments:
News and Brief reviews.

The Correspondent (Tim Eccles):
In the Beginning. The first of Tim Eccles' regular column looks at the need for a creation myth in WFRP.

The Warpston Interview (John Foody):
We talk to original WFRP author and current Games Workshop Company Secretary Phil Gallagher.

The Passing of Time (John Foody):
The seasons in WFRP.

Foundation and Faith (Anthony Dawber):
Everyday beliefs in The Old World.

The Alternative Troll Slayer (John Foody):
Thouhts and ideas on the orange-haired ones.

Child of Praag (Stephan Passey):
Short fiction

The Rumour Mill (Rober Clark):
The Low-Down from Games Day.

The Black Gate (John Foody):
A complete Scenario set in Middenheim.

The Clerics of Shallya (Tim Eccles):
All you need to know about Shallya's servants.

The Forum:
The latest Letters.

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