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Warhammer City hardcover


Middenheim: City of Chaos is a detailed guide to the greatest of the Empire's three City-States, the home of the Cult of Ulric, the God of War, Wolves and Winter, and the people who control it. This book comes complete with a full-colour poster-sized map of the city, and is packed with information.

History, campaign ideas, 'cameo' adventures, NPCs, dozens of superbly detailed locations: there's enough to keep the most active of adventurers busy for months. There are notes and guidelines on Law and Order, Politics, Religion, and the city's defences - including information for player characters wanting to follow careers in any of these areas. There are descriptions of the city's most important inhabitants, and its movers and shakers. And there's even a section devoted to the bizarre city craze for Snotball.

But Middenheim has its darker side too. The rock on which it stands is honeycombed with fearful tunnels and catacombs, built by the long-dead Dwarfen architects of the city, but now home to renegades, mutants and other unmentionables. This is the Undercity. Chaos lives here. But it also lurks above the streets, in the houses of seemingly honest citizens, and even at the centre of its government.

Middenheim: City of Chaos provides the backdrop to Power Behind the Throne, the third part of the The Enemy Within Campaign, and is an invaluable tool for all Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay GMs: a detailed city-guide for one of the most extraordinary places in the Old World.

Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Manufacturer SKU: 00025
Dragons Trove ID: 2077
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1869893247
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Map still attached. Minor cover wear.

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