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Walking the Way


From the ancient Phoenix libraries to the darkened vaults of the Kuni, shugenja of every stripe have studied the mystic ways of the spirits. The religious caste of Rokugan seeks clarity and insight into the nature of the universe, leading them to the wondrous abilities that the five elements can produce. They copy what they learn onto magical scrolls, creating spells of such power as to challenge the heavens. These scrolls are guarded with frantic diligence against those who would abuse them, and used with care lest their supernatural abilities rage out of control. Few interlopers have laid sight upon their knowledge and lived.Now, pierce the veil of mystery that has hidden them for centuries, and learn what magics the spell-weavers of Rokugan possess. From the simplest meditations to chants capable of destroying cities, the power and wisdom of the shugenja are now laid forth before you!Walking the Way is a spell book like no other, holding the unclaimed knowledge of a thousand years in a unique and easily accessible format. It contains listings and descriptions for over fifty new spells for use with the Legend of The Five Rings Roleplaying Game. Each spell is accompanied by a complete adventure, allowing Gamemasters to insert them "“ and the chaos which often surrounds them "“ into campaign. Rokugan's shugenja keep the secrets of the universe within their dusty scrolls. Do you have what it takes to learn them?

Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
Manufacturer SKU: 3011
Dragons Trove ID: 10942
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 729220300119
Condition: Near Mint
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