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Villain Design Handbook


This Kingdoms of Kalamar softcover supplement is perfect for the Dungeon Master who wants to easily create fantastic villains with detailed histories and motives. This is more than simply a book of NPCs! This handbook contains dozens of new villain archetypes that DMs can use as a foundation for creating their own villain, prestige classes, feats and anti-feats, as well as information on giving villains real motivations and obsessions, the criminal psychology of the villain, the villain's place in society, building levels of intrigue, how to avoid common stereotypes, prestige classes, feats, anti-feats and more! A new Kingdoms of Kalamar adventure is also included! Like all Kingdoms of Kalamar products, the Villain Design Handbook is an official, fully licensed D&D campaign setting (all text and images are approved by both KenzerCo and Wizards of the Coast) it's more than just a d20 product!

Manufacturer: Kenzer and Company
Manufacturer SKU: 1004
Dragons Trove ID: 6141A
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1889182125
Condition: New
Condition Note: Softcover version.

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