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US Army Vehicle Guide

What does the remote turret on an M1A2 look like? When the Sergeant York air defense gun was withdrawn from production, what happened to the vehicles already built and what replaced it? What were the organization and equipment levels of an armored division? A light infantry division? What was the basis of issue of the LAV-75?The U.S. Army Vehicle Guide is designed to answer these and many other questions raised by Twilight: 2000 players. It also serves as a comprehensive future projection of current armored vehicle design trends. For both game players and AFV buffs, the Vehicle Guide is a gold mine of information. It includes:Eight pages of color plates; thirty-six full color vehicles in all. Complete game statistics for all combat vehicles in U.S. service in the year 2000. A global U.S. order of battle as of the summer of the year 2000. Every division and separate brigade; its manpower and combat vehicle strengths, and its current loyalties. Pre-war tables of organization and equipment, showing which vehicles were assigned to which units and in what quanities. Hints on modeling vehicles for use in miniatures games.
Manufacturer: Game Designers Workshop
Manufacturer SKU: 504
Dragons Trove ID: 8569
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0943580544
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Spine creases and light cover wear. Two price stickers on back cover.

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