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Under the Red Moon


Under the Red Moon takes you inside the glorious Lunar Empire. Mighty and magical, decadent and dynamic, conquering and liberating, the Empire is rich and complex, a land of heroes, soldiers, and missionaries. It is a fusion of many disparate regions, each with its own beliefs, customs, and magic. Over all, the Red Moon guides and the Son of the Goddess rules.

Selected Contents
  • The Visible Moon - What does She look like? Discover how the moon appears to outsiders, worshippers, with magical senses, and the beautiful face seen by devotees.
  • Under the Red Moon - Beneath Her radiant gaze the world is different. Here are the details of the Glowline that defends Her empire; her mysterious cycles and effects on worshippers, both inside and outside the Glowline.
  • The Lunar Way - Learn about the organization of the religion, where members can rise through the ranks from Adherents to Novitiates, Ordinates, and Preceptors on their march towards the great secret of the Goddess.
  • Sevening and Illumination - Here are the Secrets of the Goddess: how to become immortal and transcend the boundaries of ordinary life! See the glory of Illumination and the dangers of Occlusion.
Manufacturer: Issaries Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 1304
Dragons Trove ID: 125
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781929052196
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Some minor corner wear and light dirtiness.

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