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Umbra: The Velvet Shadow


A Song of an Older Time

Long ago, the world was One. Everything lived in harmony. All creatures revered the great mother, Gaia. Then the fabric of the world was rent. Spirit was torn from matter by the claws of the Wyrm and the webs of the Weaver. From one world, two were born: the Earth and the Umbra.

A Memory Yet To Come

The Garou still live between the two worlds. They have one foot in each world, yet their home is in neither. They can walk in the Shadow, talk to the spirits and find wisdom. Great adventures are waiting in the Umbra - but Death also waits; the Wyrm has infiltrated the Shadow. There can be no rest, no safe haven - even in the Umbra, the Apocalypse is coming.

Umbra: The Velvet Shadow is a Werewolf sourcebook detailing the places, spirits and cosmology of the Garou spirit world. It includes:

    The 13 Near Realms known to the Garou: their residents, the laws that govern them and adventure ideas.

    The Tribal Homelands of the 13 Tribes: reflections of the spirit and culture of the Garou.

    The spirits that roam the Shadow, from the Weaver Geomids and Spiders to the Wyld Nebulae and Vortices.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 3204
Dragons Trove ID: 4297
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781565040762
Condition: Near Mint
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