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Troll Gods


Troll Gods is a Gloranthan supplement for RuneQuest. A companion piece to Trollpak (2nd Edition), Troll Gods is the definitive work on the subject of troll deities.

Troll Gods is a boxed set consisting of the following

1. The Troll Cults Book (88 pages) contains comprehensive information on the 15 most widely worshipped troll gods.

2. Minyarth Purple's Troll Facts #3: The Gods And Magic Of The Uzko (28 pages) is a facsimile of a rare original Lhankor Mor document which can be read by gamemasters and players.

3. Glorantha: Primary Troll Regions is a map showing the 12 most populous and influential troll regions.

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
Manufacturer SKU: 8587
Dragons Trove ID: 1094
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1560380055
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Some minor box wear. Complete and contents in great shape.

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