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Tribebook: Uktena (revised)


Seekers after the Forgotten
They follow the great water-serpent Uktena, the strange totem of mystical wisdom. They have imprisoned countless evil spirits and learned volumes of magical lore. There are no greater sorcerers among the werewolf tribes -- but the Uktena have not gained such wisdom without cost. There is always a price.

Masters of the Forbidden
The Revised Tribebooks take a turn for the dark and secretive with Tribebook: Uktena. The mystics of the Garou Nation, the Uktena are masters of long-lost lore, able to bind evil spirits and fight the Wyrm with magic unknown to other tribes. Explore the depths of the Uktena's knowledge. Learn their blessings and curses, and their secret arts. If the Uktena don't know it, it's not worth knowing.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 3862
Dragons Trove ID: 11209
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781588463210
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
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