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Treasures from the Heart of the Razor (5E)


The Flying Fortune sailed for Port Shaw with a hold full of common cargo and wine casks. A two-masted brig, shipshape and trim, she was a humble lady of the sea, crewed by a motley collection of sailors from a dozen kingdoms all united in the promise of profit and perhaps a modicum of adventure. However, as soon as the ship left port, bad omens accumulated. The Captain brought his luggage aboard in black bags — black, the color of death. He chanced fate by leaving on a Friday, and as soon as the ship left its moorings, cormorants and ravens — death birds — flocked to her rigging. The men might have ignored one of these omens, but all together they heralded unavoidable disaster. Every night the old salts endlessly harangued the green recruits about their coming doom as the candles burned low.

Initially, the cruise defied the portents. The ship cut the waves without incident as her veteran captain, Colthyn Riggs, expertly navigated the Razor Sea. The weather blew fair, if blustery, and the ship made good speed. One day, a lookout even spotted a pod of spinner dolphins frolicking in the ship’s wake. The crew took it as a good omen. Even the most determined of doomsayers began to believe their luck had shifted.

Manufacturer: Frog God Games
Manufacturer SKU: RZRCST5E
Dragons Trove ID: 5549
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 2370000409898
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: RPG Crate version

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