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Thriftylist: Refurbished Stuff (Paranoia)


Paranoia players keep saying the same thing. ‘Experimental R&D devices are great, but I wish I could get less reliable ones.’ Thanks to Friend Computer’s innocuous but omnipresent surveillance, R&D heard you.

Finally, you can purchase or be volunteered to test used experimental devices with Thriftylist! This marketplace has everything Troubleshooters both want and fear: armour, Coretech apps, surveillance devices, weapons and miscellaneous stuff. Yes, stuff. All these items were handpicked from the previous Paranoia edition’s great equipment books, STUFF and STUFF 2! And they have all been updated to this edition.
  • Use your Melee skill to fire a ranged weapon with the Chainsaw G un!
  • Roll Mechanics to see if you notice how your Invis-Suit has not made you invisible!
  • Quickly heal teammates (and remove those NODE penalties) with the NuFlesh First Aid Pistol!
  • Argue with Violence to get your Smart Laser Pistol to actually fire!

As with all experimental devices in this edition, you get effects for when players roll well or purposefully sabotage the mission because they are really terrorists who hate R&D, Alpha Complex and The Computer. You also get new rules for refurbished equipment that is either Like New, Very Good, Still Pretty Good or What a Deal!

The best of STUFF and STUFF 2 is here at your fingertips. Now, h ow many Scrubot Costumes can we put you down for?

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 50016
Dragons Trove ID: 13332
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781913076306
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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