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The World of Bloodshadows



It's a mean old world out there. The sorcerer upstairs conjures too loud; the guy down the hall drinks blood from a six-pack; that stiff you left in the alley is up and walking around. If you're lucky, the Guild will pay you for tonight's work; If you're not, you're going home in a box.

A small box.

The World of Bloodshadows is a setting for use with the MasterBook rules system.

From the back of the World of Bloodshadows boxset:

The World of Bloodshadows is a roleplaying game setting that comines pulp adventure with dark fantasy. Tough detectives in weathered trenchcoats wap biting comments with vampires in evening gowns. Humans walk down dark streets side by side with demonic breeds and long-dead ghouls. And death - or Undeath - waits around every corner.

Go outside the cities and discover the terrors of the Wilderness. Even the most powerful shapeshifter or sorcerer fears what waits in the ruins...

Your weapons in the world of Marl are magic and technology - but neither replaces a good head on your shoulders.

And you'll have to work to keep it there.

The World of Bloodshadows is a WorldBook intended for use with the MasterBook system. You must have MasterBook to play this game.

Manufacturer: West End Games
Manufacturer SKU: 33001
Dragons Trove ID: 8619
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0874313791
Condition: Near Mint
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