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The Two Towers Roleplaying Adventure Game


The Two Towers Roleplaying Adventure Game is intended to help gaming novices (and Tolkien fans who are not gamers) become familiar with the world of RPGs. It also introduces the Tolkien legacy to experienced gamers. You will learn basic roleplaying concepts and a simplified version of the CODA rules system used in Decipher's other RPG products. Although this game is geared towards beginners, it presents several battles using tactical maps that will also challenge more experienced gamers.In The Two Towers Roleplaying Adventure Game, players assume the roles of the members of The Fellowship as they relive the dangerous and legendary adventures. Each game is complete with maps and rules for mass combat. The Battle of Helm's Deep Book, the included 54-page book, is divided into three parts that recreate the dramatic events in The Two Towers. Part I, "Across the Plains of Rohan" portray Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli's attempt to rescue Merry and Pippin from Saruman's Orcs. Part II, "Treachery in the Golden Hall" leads the Heroes to the city of Edoras, where the characters meet the King of Rohan and warn him of Saruman's alliance with the Shadow. Part III, "The Battle of Helm's Deep" recreates the epic siege of the Hornburg.This game uses rules that are easy to understand, flexible, and fun for all. The instructions are designed to prepare novice gamers and fans to delve into play in less than half an hour (ages 12 and up).

Manufacturer: Decipher
Manufacturer SKU: 957
Dragons Trove ID: 5277
Type: Boxed Set
ISBN/UPC: 9781582369570
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Box has some light corner wear. Complete.

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