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The Tome of Beasts III: Lairs


Fearsome Foes in Every Corner!

An abandoned bardic college plagued by alluring ghostly music.

A remote woodland guarded by overgrown carnivorous denizens.

An ancient volcano awakened by an extraplanar portal at its heart.

Inside Tome of Beasts 3 Lairs, you’ll find these 3 adventures and 20 more! Created for the 5th Edition of the world’s first roleplaying game, these standalone, single-map adventures each feature new monsters from Kobold Press’s Tome of Beasts III.

Weave these adventures into your ongoing campaign, or use them as thrilling one-shot sessions. With adventures suitable for heroes of level 1–12, you will find enough dangers—and delights—for every game night!

Stage your 5th Edition fights in 23 unforgettable one-shot adventures including:

  • Proudheart’s Predator Problem, Level 1
  • Flight of the Dromedaries, Level 1
  • Furor in the Farmyard, Level 2
  • Salvage at Lonely Cove, Level 2
  • Automated Banditry, Level 3
  • Evil Rises, Level 3
  • Four-Part Harmony, Level 3
  • Harvest Fangs, Level 3
  • The Pavilion of Whispers and Wonderment, Level 4
  • Rainforest Reckoning, Level 4
  • Safe and Sound, Level 4
  • Lord Gorgo’s Keep, Level 5
  • Redoubt of the Perfidious Guru, Level 5
  • Incident at Wrackwater, Level 6
  • The Green Sanctum, Level 7
  • The Salons of Mother Celeste, Level 8
  • Chaos at the Caldera, Level 8
  • The Eclipsed Chapel, Level 9
  • The Twisted Sanctuary, Level 10
  • A Midnight Ride, Level 11
  • Down in the Dark of the Deep King’s Domain, Level 12
Manufacturer: Kobold Press
Manufacturer SKU: 9429
Dragons Trove ID: 1599
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781950789429
Condition: New
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