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The Rookies Guide to Crazes


Mega-City One is one of the craziest places on Earth to live. Over 400 million souls crammed into an already overpopulated city often causes tensions to flare and temperatures to rise. Unemployment is almost total in the Big Meg and only one in ten citizens ever gets full time employment at some time in their lives, leaving a bored populace with very little to do. It is very little wonder that many of the citizens in Mega City One turn to pastimes and other activities to relieve the tedium of everyday life. Some pastimes are just fleeting fly by night affairs, popping up into the limelight and staying popular for a short time, but soon the fun wears thin and the easily bored citizens move on to the next big thing. Other recreational pastimes are more concrete and can earn their creators vast sums of credits in royalties and patients, and will go on to become firmly lodged into the hearts and minds of the citizens of every sector.This rules supplement for the Judge Dredd roleplaying game introduces all sorts of new crazes for citizens to try and judges to halt - From flying high at breakneck speeds on a powerboard, to soaring on thermal currents in a bat glider suit, every craze has its highs and lows and devoted followers and it is these crazes that help make Mega City One the place it is.

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 7012
Dragons Trove ID: 5051
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1903980720
Condition: Near Mint
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