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The League of Non-Aligned Worlds Fact Book


In the world of Babylon 5, perhaps no better single example of the fractious yet enduring concept of unity can be found than the League of Non-Aligned Worlds - several very different, very alien groups brought together by the universal languages of need and fear. United in their desire to have more power than they could individually wield, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds collectively represent more ships, more guns, and more temporal power than any of the 'major' governments of the galaxy can claim. Even the Minbari Federation would be hard-pressed to deal with the enmity of the entire League.

Inside you will find:

* Detailed information on the Politics of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, along with chapters on five of the most dominant members - Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim, and Vree.
* Outlook - How others view each of the races
* Gameplay - How to portray each of the races
* Biology - What makes the races tick
* Organizations - Military and political structures within the League
* History - Detailed studies of the five major races
* Notable Worlds - Major planets of the League
* Technology - New weapons, vehicles, and equipment
* Characters - New feats and prestige classes

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