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The Excellent Prismatic Spray Volume 1 Issue 3


Those who have purchased the two previous volumes are doubtless already instructing their steward to pay, thus saving them having to inelegantly fumble in their pockets for the money. Those who have not previously encountered us will no doubt be glad if we expound upon the contents. As always, we have tried to provide our readers with a plethora of useful background material, adventures and con tricks.

  • The sublime Peter Freeman lays before you the Valley of Graven Tombs wherein PCs mingle with tomb robbers, wine merchants and an old world's last fashion houses.
  • Robin D. Laws discusses the way he set about writing the "Dying Earth" rules and gives an insight into the underlying dynamic of the game.
  • Lizard continues his exploration of the far south of Almery where strange customs prevail and the unwary traveler merely provides rich pickings, or in extreme cases lunch, for the denizens.
  • Lynne Hardy provides an excellent mystery to be solved in "The Glass World", where the prospect of matrimonial harmony is the spur to darker villainy.
  • M. D. Jackson, who returns to our pages at the insistence of his therapist, provides an adventure allowing sutably puissant Turjan-level characters to progress to the rank of Arch-Magician.
  • Steve Dempsey starts a series which we confidently expect to become a source of inspiration even to those GMs who cannot find players of sufficient sophistication to adventure in the "Dying Earth".
  • Finally, we have sundry short pieces and plot hooks, abounding with ideas and incidents that a cunning GM can slip seamlessly into any adventure to provide color, excitement and a certain depth.

It is obvious that, having read through to this point, you are a person of considerable discernment. Someone of your caliber is undoubtedly busy with many calls upon your time. Fortunately, there is no further need to procrastinate. Simply hand over a trifling sum to the attendant and you can study this consequential document at your ease.

Manufacturer: Pelgrane Press
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