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The Church


God rules Mythic Europe in awesome majesty, served by the angelic hosts. For most people, however, the majesty of the local bishop is awe-inspiring enough, and God is served by the priests, monks, and friars who share their communities. The Church touches every aspect of life, and every individual heart. Even magi in their covenants must contend with the Church, and many trust it with the salvation of their souls.This book provides background and rules for the Western Church as a human institution, covering the organization of dioceses, monastic orders, and daily devotion. It also describes the role of women, and looks at the Knights Templar and Franciscans in more detail. As a human institution, however, the Church is not immune to corruption, and so this book also discusses how some of the great orders of the Church might fall to the Infernal. Bring the faith of your characters to life! 

Manufacturer: Atlas Games
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781589781207
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