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The Chrome Berets


They call it low intensity conflict. This campaign book is an exciting new approach to Cyberpunk 2020 adventures by Atlas Games. The format encompasses a tough, no-holds-barred scenario that will challenge any player group's roleplaying and tactical skills; plus a wealth of valuable new game material that may be applied to any Cyberpunk campaign. The PCs are hired to be mercenary commanders in a full-blown Third World conflict. At stake are the interests of entrenched oligarchs, military strongmen, revolutionary zealots, and big corporations. The cyberpunks get the opportunity to shape war and history in the 21st century. The Chrome Berets features: *Complete background on the Malagay Islands, na young pacific republic writhing under the twin hells of oppression and revolution. Isn't a tropical vacation just the thing for cyberpunks who've had too much of the big city? *Dozens of non-player characters dubious allies, formidable foes, self-interested politicians, and unscrupulous middlemen who will interact with the player characters. *An outline of plots, events, and NPC interests that gives the Referee all the information she needs, while judiciously avoiding a prescription of linear adventure. The characters' very goals, to say nothing of the story's resolution, are completely flexible. *Kill or Be Killed: a mass-combat system for the Cyberpunk game. It's suitable for large-scale operations that the Friday Night Firefight system in the rulebook can't very well cover. *New military hardware that your cyberpunks may put into action on the island maybe even bring home afterward. This source material could be used for any Cyberpunk campaign, anywhere in the world. 

Manufacturer: Atlas Games
Manufacturer SKU: 5025
Dragons Trove ID: 4060
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1887801375
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some spine wear and creases.

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