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Between London and Inferno, reality is twisted by enchanted images from another time...

"Do not step on the black tiles, only the white!"

Waya dances away across the checkered floor. Along the walls of the hall a hundred eyes are riveted on them as they carefully follow her across the white tiles of the stairs. They have only descended a few steps when the lights go out - they must feel their way forward. Voices whisper out of the darkness:

"Left hand. Follow the wall with your left hand. Left foot first. You have lost your glasses and will never find them again. Look with your left eye. Left eye."

With the right eye shut, the darkness gives way to a washed-out grayish light. They come to the end of a long corridor. The walls and floor are of rough concrete. Waya waits at the foot of the staircase.

"We can walk no further. This is where the path ends. Go to the wall and wait until it talks. It provides memories."

Before they can ask what she means, Waya dances back up the stairs and disappears. The corridor bends this way and that several times, before it ends in a smooth, grayish wall. No doors lead anywhere. They wait...

Taroticum is a series of adventures and encounters which carry the characters from London to Inferno and to the Void at the center of all things.

This is the story of the Tarotica, a magical deck of cards created to manipulate the illusion. They have the power to alter our reality, and anyone attempting to use them risks being trapped between worlds. The characters must break the spell which the black lictor Anthony Barkley has cast over London and return the cards to the place they belong.

Floorplans, character statistics, and source information on the London of the Tarotica are all included.  For the Kult RPG.

Manufacturer: Target Games
Manufacturer SKU: 5004
Dragons Trove ID: 10314
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1883716047
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor scuffing on cover. A couple of spine creases.

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