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Sundered Skies


Jagged islands float and orbit one another in a fathomless void. Exposure to the eternal light warps saints into bestial savages. Sailors navigate skyships, risking death from terrible beasts, pirates and necromantic death barges, to bring basic supplies to resource-starved islands. Scavengers brave unknown dangers in ruins, hoping to discover ancient relics or eke out a living in salvaging what remains of the world.The survivors of the sundering are secretive dwarves, doomed elves, vilified orcs, humans, enslaved wildlings, mysterious glowborn and mighty drakin. Desperate to survive, they must work together in an uneasy and imposed peace to endure the harsh landscape.But, there is a secret.A secret that even the gods themselves have nearly forgotten. It is up to you to uncover the secret and save the world. It is up to you to stop the Skies from being sundered once again!Take to the Skies!Sundered Skies takes players on a unique journey through a world torn apart. Among the floating lands they discover that creatures and intrigue aren't the only thing they must be weary of. The remnants of the world itself can drive a man mad.A vast void fills the spaces between the islands where wicked winds blow, propelling sailed ships at incredible speeds through treacherous fields of debris and wild open spaces. The world is a constant glow. Light streams in a rich orange from above at every point and place. There is no night in the Skies. There are no shadows. There is only the light that seeps beyond the eyes and fills the brain with "glowmadness" making men into beasts.Become Something... Primal! 

Manufacturer: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Manufacturer SKU: 10009
Dragons Trove ID: 10264
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0979245591
Condition: New
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