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128 pages, hardback 8 1/4 " x 10 5/8"Cover art: James Holloway - by: Allen VarneyRecommended age: Mature readers (ages 16 and up)Everyone is a traitor!So goes the ethos of Paranoia, the surreal, twisted vision of an Orwellian future where players are positively encouraged to betray each other merely to survive, and the most unique roleplaying game on the market today. Get them before they get you "“ and here's the stuff to do it with!Paranoia STUFF provides 128 pages of bleeding-edge (?) equipment necessary to ensure that the citizen is last clone standing in Alpha Complex, all catalogued in the same black and ironic humour so iconic to the game. Weapons, equipment, cybernetic enhancements, foodstuffs and assorted doodads in many categories -- over 150 items in all. The Computer Phreaks secret society has kindly hacked the listing for C-Bay, the leading Alpha Complex auction site, so for once you can read customer comments that explain how these items may backfire. If you think that will help your Troubleshooter survive better when you get issued this equipment -- well, maybe you're right, but we'll try to prevent that.Written by chief Paranoia XP writer Allen Varney, Paranoia STUFF is a passionately produced book, the next installment of an extensively supported development programme. Paranoia is destined to once more provide roleplayers with the sort of frantic gaming experience that proved so popular at the game's inception - there has never been a roleplaying game like it! Dragon Trove ID C7203

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 6636
Dragons Trove ID: 7203
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1904854869
Condition: New
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