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Spycraft - Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide


They are the agency's secret weapons . . . Its failsafe against global domination . . . Honorable warriors of a secret war . . . . . . and our last, best hope for peace. The Spycraft Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide greatly expands the options available for combat- and chase-oriented agents, offering all the material needed to run epic-scale combats or astounding cases under the most unexpected conditions and in the most exotic locations. Contained in this exhaustive volume are rules for building the finest combatants in the world and fielding them against the most awesome technologies available today! This essential Spycraft mechanics expansion includes . . . The Spycraft Vehicle Guide! Requisition any vehicle in existence today and outfit it with all the latest masterwork upgrades, weapons, and gadgets! Thousands of vehicle combinations await you within! Rules for heavy personal ordinance, including fixed cannon emplacements, automated missile racks, tank-killing rocket launchers, vehicle-towed howitzers, and much more! Expanded chase options, including many new maneuvers and rules for vehicular combat (both on or in vehicles), off-roading, aerial dog-fighting, skydiving/freefall, and scuba diving chases, races, expanded vehicle failures, and more! Twelve brand new prestige classes focusing on activities most commonly performed by soldiers and wheelmen, including the high-flying ace, the gear - and vehicle-building armorer, the battlefield grunt, the depth-defying mariner, the combat medic, the armor-specialist slammer, and more! Twenty new department options, including two 'macro-departments' (officer training and military academy training), which allow the agents to personalize their department bonuses! Over 35 new feats, expanding the existing Spycraft feat trees! Over a dozen new skill uses, including new knowledge, mechanics, profession, and vehicle tasks!

Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
Manufacturer SKU: 1803
Dragons Trove ID: 9391
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781887953610
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: None

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