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SpirosBlaak, one of Green Ronin's critically acclaimed Mythic Vistas line, presents a complete archduchy that can be used as a stand-alone campaign setting or integrated into an existing world. With the gods fallen, it is up to the Player Characters to bring light and hope back into an archduchy overrun with lycanthropes. In addition to detailing this grim and gritty setting, SpirosBlaak includes black powder rules, new core and prestige classes, and a plethora of new gods. When the moon is full, will you lock your door and hide or draw your sword and fight?Inside you'll find: A detailed setting with a rich history, full of political, physical and spiritual conflict. New gods, skills and feats, including specialized feats for improving lycanthropes, one of the setting's key races. 9 new monsters, along with 4 new kinds of lycanthrope. 13 new races, including technological goblins, hulking half-ogres, and shapeshifting lycanthropes. Notes on adapting the core classes to the setting, including rules on a new approach to paladins. 4 new core classes: the noble, pirate, prophet and technologist. 9 new prestige classes, including the marksman, pistoleer and kav (lycanthrope) slayer. Detailed rules for black powder weapons, including pistols, muskets, cannons and grenades. A bounty of new spells and cleric domains. A detailed glossary.Of interest to other publishers will be the fact that all 12 chapters of SpirosBlaak are entirely Open Game Content, including proper names! That's right, this means other publishers are free to develop products for SpirosBlaak. If you are a publisher interested in joining the SpirosBlaak Development Community, contact Steven Trustrum and see if joining the small group of publishers working together to take this setting forward is right for you.

Manufacturer: Green Ronin Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 1404
Dragons Trove ID: 2161
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1932442170
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: None

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