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Sorcerer, The Hedge Wizard's Handbook


Truth Without Paradox.

'All that "higher-self" stuff is crap, kid. Magic takes discipline. It takes study. Lots of folks think you can just "ascend" to some advanced state and the world will be at your fingertips.

The Key to Knowledge, Strength and Power.

'You want truth? You have to learn the truth, the Craft, the Art. You won't find it in some fruity New Age blather or some secret laboratory. The Truth takes dedication, kid, but it pays off. You've seen what I can do.
And you want to do the same.
Think you have what it takes? Let's see. The Truth is right here in my hand. If you want it, you'll have to take it.'

I Am the Magician, and My Will Is Law.

A stand-alone book for World of Darkness chronicles, this sorcerer's handbook contains all you need to play a wizard on the fringes of society.
It includes:
- Systems, Paths, Merits and Flaws for hedge magicians.
- A host of secret societies, lore, and templates.
- Crossover notes for other World of Darkness games.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 4010
Dragons Trove ID: 2573
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781565044517
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor cover wear. Price tag on back cover.

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