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Ships of the Goblinoids

Feared across the ocean, a ship crewed by the goblinoid races is able to overcome any merchantman and many warships with a determined attack. These races live for war and battle, and their vessels are designed to fulfill this specific need on the high seas. Any adventurer taking to the sea should be very much aware of these ships, for goblinoid pirate and war fleets are a common feature of many oceans and if one is expecting to survive any such encounter, then a basic knowledge of the way these ships function is essential.

Inside You Will Find:

Goblinoids at Sea: Never before covered lore showing just how the goblinoids wage war at sea. From the ramshackle fleets of the goblins, through the merciless efficiency of the hobgoblin pirates, their tactics, aims and capabilities are examined in exquisite detail. The massive orc war fleets are also depicted, demonstrating just what this numerous and ambitious race can achieve given only isolation and a charismatic warlord.

Crews: Detailed information on the vile crews to be found serving on board the ships of the goblinoids. Unscrupulous adventurers may even try hiring these unreliable but cheap sailors

Weaponry: New shipboard weapons employed by the goblinoid races, from the insidious Diseased Catapult Shot to the renowned and devastating Orc Hammerfist.

Ships of the Goblinoids: A multitude of new ships, covering a huge range of goblinoid vessels. From the barely floating Goblin War Raft, through the deadly Hobgoblin Swift Sea Cutter and Predator Fast Frigate, goblinoids have the potential to dominate any ocean. Also included are the massive warships of the orcs, such as the lethal Warhammer Battle Galley and the massive, awe-inspiring Great Axe Battleship. A total of 16 new ships are shown, complete with deckplans, alongside 'templates' allowing you to represent any vessel in the possession of the goblinoids.
Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 3002
Dragons Trove ID: 5264
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1903980119
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Nice and clean.

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