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Shemarrian Nation

The Shemarrians, the phantom right arm of Archie Three and a force to be reckoned with in the wild woods beyond the Eastern Wall (the Allegheny Mountains). An in-depth look at the fabricated femme fatales, their false society, and the schemes and dreams that Archie and Hagan have in store for them. The Shemarrians and their place in the Eastern Wilderness. How the regional factions and power blocs view the warrior women and how the Shemarrians (and Archie) view them. Shemarrian history, society, and culture. Shemarrian Secrets: They are really androids fabricated by Archie-Three. New types, war mounts and weapons of Shemarrians. Over a dozen android and robot minions of Archie Three, including the Avian Spy, Shemarrian Pariah, and the so-called R'Mar Alien. Shemarrian as and Optional Player Character.
Manufacturer: Palladium Books
Manufacturer SKU: 878
Dragons Trove ID: 10824
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781574571288
Condition: New
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