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Shadowforce Archer - The African Alliance


You're never more alive than when you're on the edge of death.Nestled in humanity's homeland, the youngest of Archer's Chambers follows the vision of one man "“ humanitarian Elias Graham. Fielding a wild, untamed crew of hot shots, thrill seekers, and daredevil confidence men, the African Alliance is perhaps best suited to face the new rigors of the 21st Century. Agents of this brash young Chamber square off against industrialist billionaires seeking to exploit the diamond mines and buried treasures of their home continent as well as global threats the rest of the Conspiracy is unprepared (or unwilling) to fight. Included in this 128-page sourcebook are new African Alliance allies, mission protocols, and everything needed to play an Alliance agent or campaign. Big-Budget Action-Junkie Espionage! Join Elias Graham's exclusive club of gentlemen spies! Visit exotic locations and romance the locals! Outwit devious villains and their outlandish henchmen! Earn the respect and awe of your peers! All with the dapper debonair style of your favorite movie superspy. Core SFA Supplement! The sixth release for the ongoing SFA Interactive campaign. Learn what's happened in the setting since the European Commonwealth Chamber Book "“ including an update about the war in Africa sparked by the Hand of Glory in last year's climax episode. The Riddle of the Lodge Unveiled! What shocking plot did Helix devise deep within the bowels of the island base now occupied by the African Alliance? What is the true purpose behind the Panopticon? And how does it all lead up to the biggest event in the SFA universe to date "“ the grand master plan of the Shop? All this and more in this new storyline supplement for the SFA world setting. New Departments! Build a First Contact operative or an assassin from the Alliance's final solution, the Lethals. New Base Class! Aspire to become the ultimate secret agent with all the right moves, all the slickest words, and all the coolest toys. Train as an Alliance High Roller! New Prestige Classes! Become an eagle-eyed Examiner, an ever-ready Improv, or a Commander of the Alliance. New Agent Options! New feats, skill uses, bundles, and gadgets. NPC Classes! Foil the schemes of the world's most notorious (and often most eccentric) villains. A new selection of GC options to create unexpected, memorable enemies. New Threats! Two new villainous masterminds and their henchmen, minions, and foils, ready to drop into any SFA campaign. A New Chase Map! Visit the most famous spy location of all time, Casablanca! Dozens of New Plot Hooks and a New Hook Sheet! 

Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group
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Type: Supplement
Condition: New
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