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Shadow Players Guide


Surrender to the Dark Side

Every wraith has his own personal whisperer in darkness, telling him what it's a very good thing to be bad. (And it is, it is - trust me.) They call the voice the Shadow, and every wraith must strive to resist its efforts to drag him down to Oblivion (Why! It's always more fun heading downhill!) This Shadow will urge the wraith to untold acts of depravity and evil until he is lost forever to the Void. (So, like, does anyone have a problem with this!)

You and Your Shadow....

The Shadow Players Guide discuss the less pleasant half of a wraith's personality, the part of a wraith's soul that wants to fast foward the plunge into Oblivion. In other words, it's all about the nasty fun part playing Wraith, so buckle up and get prepared for a hell of a ride. Want to find out how Shadows work around the world? Need to see the top-10 Shadows, dirty tricks? Have a yen to char with a Shadow who actually enjoys getting Castigated? All that and more hides between these covers, waiting for you.

The Shadow Players Guide Contains:
  • The ins and outs of the Shadows of the Risen; Wrecking the Shinkinds for fun and profit! Wheeee!
  • New Merits, Flaws, Thorns and more; More toys for the arsenal - we're loaded for bear!
  • And of course, dirty tricks galore. You were expecting maybe recipes for chocoplate-chip cookies! Whimp.
Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1565046021
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