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Secret Societies (Nephilim)


Since the fall of Atlantis, the secret societies have grown, due to Nephilim patronage or human ambition. Many of them have learned to hate the Nephilim. Worse yet, many of them have learned to fight the Nephilim. These invisible empires rise and fall in combat made even more deadly by its secrecy.This sourcebook is for the Nephilim gamemaster to use in devising suitable antagonists for the players. Nephilim, despite their mystical power, are surprisingly easy to thwart given humans with sufficient occult knowledge, resources, and will. Many a Nephilim has found itself impossibly at the mercy of a small band of humans armed with the proper information.Within Secret Societies you can find this information. It details secret organizations, their representative members, spells and special techniques, and maps of headquarters or other significant places. Here you can find out how to create a Humonculous, activate Orichalka, or learn the special Solar-Ka awakening techniques of the Mithradites

Manufacturer: Chaosium
Manufacturer SKU: 3103
Dragons Trove ID: 8621
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781568820361
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor cover wear.

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