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Scion: Dragon

You have been chosen by a Dragon, gifted with magic and the incredible ability to shape
shift into one of their terrible and awesome forms. In a World of myth, yours has been
rewritten time and again, and yet Dragons remember all truths. You are an agent in an
ancient war, working behind the lines and preparing for a battle for the fate of The
Discover the Truth. Find yourself. Make your own destiny.
Scion: Dragon details the stories of Heirs, those chosen by Dragons to act within The
World as their agents. It is the story of discovering history, subverting enemies, and
espionage. Your Draconic patron seeks to embroil you in millennia old plots and ancient
grudges as shadowy manipulators. All the while, you must learn their secrets, and either
embrace the Dragon’s goals for you or make your own.
The Scion: Dragon is a standalone game in the World of Scion, and is meant for use
with Scion: Origin. Inside, you will find:
● Character creation system for Heirs; those chosen by Dragons to enact their
plots in The World.
● Knacks, Spells, and all the draconic magic wielded by Heirs, powered by the
Storypath System.
● Six Flights: Draq, Joka, Lindwurm, Long, Naga, and Serpent Dragons, all
suitable for patronage of your Heirs.
● Information about The World from the Dragon’s perspective, complete with plots
and hooks to get your characters deep into draconic intrigue.
Manufacturer: Onyx Path Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: SCI014
Dragons Trove ID: 13811
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781952531279
Condition: New
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