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Runequest Gamemaster's Box


This box includes:

Creatures Book (over 90 different creatures, including seven possible player types)

Gamemasters Book (civilization, gamemaster instructions, treasure, ships, two scenarios, encounter charts)

Introduction to Glorantha (dragonewts and chaos creatures, common knowledge, cult of Ernalda)

Pullouts (Quick References)

Character & Adventure Sheets (for immediate use)

MAP: Full color map of Fantasy Europe

    Learn what gamemasters do.

    Over 90 different creature species.

    Ship rules, including 14 ship types.

    Encounter Charts for mundane, magical, and spirit planes.

    Gems, Jewelry, Magic Items, and other Treasures.

    Price Lists for four types of market.

    Economic System, including standards of living and wages.

    Prepared Scenario: The Money Tree

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
Manufacturer SKU: 8572
Dragons Trove ID: 5074
Type: Boxed Set
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor box scuffing, one corner is taped.

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