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RuneQuest Companion


The RuneQuest Companion expands on some of the rules from the core rulebook and also offers a large number of new rules for use in the game. Within these pages, readers will discover the secrets of the spirit world and how to handle spirit combat in RuneQuest "“ and they will also meet a few of the more common and more dangerous denizens of the spirit world. New and powerful styles of magic are explored as well, from the faithful priest who gains magical power directly from his god to the learned sorcerer who uses skill and will to wrench magic into existence, to change it and manipulate it.The RuneQuest Companion also contains an expanded chapter on cultural backgrounds and professions. From the primitive herbalist, to the mariner sailor, to the civilised tumbler, players will find a host of new backgrounds and professions to suit any character idea.The lives of adventurers are not put on hold when they return from the wilderness and the RuneQuest Companion explores this as well. The Between Adventures chapter provides rules for making a living while inside a city "“ legitimately or not "“ as well as covering a wide variety of topics important to the adventurer who finds himself between adventures. This includes such things as item creation time, item quality and how much things might cost in different areas of the world. Of particular interest are the discussions of item quality "“ the products of master craftsmen and the benefits these masterpieces of the craft can bring to the characters that use them.A huge part of the life of a hero is spent travelling. After all, no character can expect to spend his days in the comfortable environs of a city's finest hostel, waiting for all the adventures and challenges of the world to trudge their way across the globe to his door. Indeed, as most adventurers know, the greater the challenge and the greater the reward, the more remote and forbidding the locale. The Travel chapter offers simple and streamlined rules governing journeys made by land and by sea, allowing a Games Master to easily determine the time required and the troubles encountered along the way. Sea travel in particular is discussed in detail, from travel times, to storms, to fires, to combating enemy ships. The Games Master will find simple and straightforward rules that allow him to add flavour and peril to a sea journey without consulting a score of tables or making dozens of die rolls. Lastly, the Travel chapter introduces a variety of ships to RuneQuest, delineating their statistics and prices.Finally, the RuneQuest Companion closes with a chapter on Temples, replete with details on these permanent and semi-permanent religious structures. From humble woodland sites to the majesty of a great temple, what separates one from the other is fully discussed and delineated, and a selection of example temples is included for ease of reference.The RuneQuest Companion is the perfect expansion to the all new RuneQuest system.

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