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LIKE TINY DAGGERS, particles of ice cut into your face and hands as you dive through the clouds. You feel the muscles along the back of the massive ruby dragon tighten and bunch as it strains to turn for an attack. A SCREAM OF DEFIANCE echoes upward from the rapidly growing form of the riderless black dragon below. In moments, the once distant beast looms to fill the sky. Still breathless from the battering sharp turn, you loose two barbed javelins into the dark leather wing, to little effect. Muttering a prayer to an elder god, you couch your bulky lance, as the two great dragons plunge toward each other... DRAGONS THIS REFERENCE WORK contains the lives, histories and cultures of the dragon races and introduces a new character class: the DRAGONLORDS. Included are three independent, but related adventures for characters to assist the Dragonlords in a war of epic proportions. The adventures are for six to eight characters from sixth to ninth level.

Manufacturer: Mayfair Games
Manufacturer SKU: 721
Dragons Trove ID: 925
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0912771224
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Light wear.

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